Why Us?

Because our system works. It’s just that simple. Copperhead® Industries believes our customers should have confidence in the products they use to locate underground infrastructure. As industry leading tracer wire suppliers, we strive to deliver a product that’s strong and durable, is corrosion-resistant, cost effective and delivers superior performance. If our help is needed, we offer assistance with understanding tracer wire installation methods, locating, and specification work. When you specify Copperhead’s complete tracer wire system, expect value and reliability.

The Copperhead Difference

Copperhead tracer wire is manufactured in the United States and designed with American quality and ingenuity. Strong partnerships yield strong results, and Copperhead Industries is proud to work with Copperweld® wire, the world’s most famous brand of Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) wire. Copperhead tracer wire has gone through the rigorous testing and quality checks that only 100+ years of cladding experience can offer. Copperweld’s bimetallic processing methods are proprietary, have been perfected over time, and are far superior to methods used by other tracer wire manufacturers. Because the process only deals with metals in their solid states, there is no inconsistency in thickness, and no dripping, peeling or cracking to risk oxidation. Finally, inline and destructive testing is performed on all of our products to ensure that they meet exacting, self-imposed, high-quality standards. Internal quality checks also ensure that all of our products are worthy of your trust.

Best-In-Class Customer Service

Copperhead Industries’ best-in-class customer service represents integrity. We promise to give you our best efforts and to treat you with courtesy and respect. When you specify Copperhead tracer wire, expect the best customer service in the industry. Simply put, we will take care of you. That’s why Copperhead Industries is the preferred choice of engineers, municipalities, and utility companies.

The Copperhead Innovation Timeline

2004 - 2016


Copperhead introduces copper-clad steel tracer wire.

4/2004 – Registered Copperhead Industries, LLC

10/2004 – Copperhead’s original High Strength Reinforced Tracer wire debuts on the market.

12/2004 – Copperhead launches SoloShot™ EHS tracer wire specifically engineered for directional drilling.


Copperhead applies for an application patent for the use of copper-clad steel in directional drilling applications.


1/2006 – Patent granted for the use of copper-clad steel for directional drilling applications.

2/2006 – Copperhead trademarks and introduces SnakePit™ magnetized access boxes.


2/2008 – Copperhead introduces SnakeCharmer and CopperCaddy wire handling equipment.
9/2008 – Copperhead introduces SuperFlex™ tracer wire for light duty open cut application.


Introduction of SnakeBite™ locking connectors

3/2009 – Copperhead launches their Complete Tracer Wire System.
5/2009 – Copperhead improves locating efficiency by incorporating a magnesium grounding anode as part of their Complete Tracer Wire System.


Developed CAD drawings for engineers for their Complete Tracer Wire System.


Copperhead launches several new tracer wire products designed to improve the tracer wire installation process and locating efficiency.

1/2013 – At the UCT conference in Houston, TX, Copperhead launched SoloShot™ Xtreme tracer wire specifically engineered for Pipe Bursting.

Mid-year 2013, the ViperMag pipe and cable locator becomes part of the Complete Tracer Wire System, combining active locate frequencies and ferrous metal detection all in one device, streamlining the locating process for the operator.

10/2013 – Cobra T3 was introduces as an above grade termination point and direct access point for Copperhead tracer wire.


SnakeSkin becomes the latest Copperhead innovation.

4/2015 – SnakeSkin becomes a better termination and direct access point for tracer wire on gas meters and fire hydrants.

5/2015 – With help from our friends in Willmar, MN, Copperhead began offering a Hydrant Flange as a better way to mount Cobra-T3s to fire hydrants.