Tracer Wire

Wire selection is a critical decision for long-term reliability.  Copperhead copper clad steel provides superior strength and durability. Choose the right type of tracer wire for your installation method.

Open Cut, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Pipe Burst

Access Boxes

Protect tracer wire access points and directly connect to your tracer wire system with Copperhead access boxes. Choose the correct access box for your application.

SnakePit, Cobra, SnakeSkin


Solid connections are critical allowing the locate signal to continue. Using the right connector for the right application can make a difference.

Locking SnakeBite Connector, DryConn Connectors, Pipe Burst Connectors

Grounding Anode

Properly grounding your tracer wire system can be the difference between being able to locate your facility, or not.  Use a 1.5 lb drive in magnesium anode at dead ends to enhance the locate signal.

Copperhead grounding anode

Pipe and Cable Locator

Copperhead’s pipe and cable locator combines ferrous metal detection, active locate frequencies, passive 60 Hz, and push button depth all in one device. A perfect general purpose locator.

ViperMag locator

Experience Copperhead's Complete Tracer Wire System

  • Enhances end-to-end reliability
  • Strengthens the locate signal
  • Improves locating accuracy
  • Superior durability and performance
  • Easy connection points
  • Superior customer service