Congratulations Ray Tauser!

Ray Tauser, owner of R.H. Tauser & Associates will retire in June 2016. On behalf of everyone at Copperhead Industries, congratulations Ray!!

Ray started RH Tauser & Associates in 1983. With help from his sons Steve and Ed they’ve operated a successful and respected business for 33 years. Ray  has been representing Copperhead for 7 years and is recognized as one of our finest specification representatives in the country. Copperhead would like to thank Ray for all he’s done for our company over the years. Ray has worked mostly closely with Mike Moore, Copperhead’s North American Market Manager for Water and Sewer. Ray and Mike have worked a countless number of trade shows together and presented to many engineering firms over the years.  Through those experiences they’ve developed a friendship that goes beyond work. Mike, and all of us here at Copperhead, will miss working with Ray on a daily basis.  Once again Ray, congratulations!