1045 Solid Copper Tracer Wire


Solid copper tracer wire insulated with an HDPE jacket carries a low-voltage signal to detect non-metallic underground pipes and cables. Suitable for light duty open cut/trenching/plowing applications.

Product Description

#10 AWG (0.1019” diameter) dead soft annealed (DSA) solid copper conductor insulated with a 44 mil, high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) insulation rated for direct burial use.

Features and Benefits

  • 45 mil HDPE insulation
  • 310 lb break load
  • 100% solid copper conductor
  • Low recoil
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rated for direct bury
  • Color-coded to meet American Public Works (APWA) standards for utility identification


Part #: CU-1045*-**
10 (AWG), 45 (insulation mil), * (indicates insulation color: Y=Yellow, B=Blue, G=Green, N=Orange, P=Purple, R=Red, BN=Brown, K=Black, W=White), ** (indicates spool size: 500, 1000 or 2500 foot lengths)

Made In USA
Copperhead® copper-clad steel tracer wire is 100% made in the USA.

Product Description
Tracer wire shall be a #10 AWG (0.1019” diameter) Dead Soft Annealed (DSA) solid copper conductor, insulated with a 45 mil, high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene (HDPE) insulation rated for direct burial use at 600 volts. Break load of 310 lbs. HDPE insulation shall be RoHS compliant and utilize virgin grade material. Insulation color shall meet the APWA color code standard for identification of buried utilities. Origin of solid copper is required and must be manufactured in the United States. Tracer wire shall be Copperhead® Solid Copper HDPE 45 mil and made in the USA.

Print Line
Physical, permanent markings: surface legend print on insulation to repeat at minimum interval of every two linear feet. Ink colors will include Black ink for Yellow, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, Brown, White, and Green insulation, and White ink for Black insulation. COPPERHEAD * 10 AWG-SOLID COPPER TRACER WIRE * 45 MIL HDPE 600 VOLT * DIRECT BURIAL ONLY

Spool Label
Wound wire on a compact spool made of plastic or wood.

10 AWG-Solid Copper Tracer Wire
45 Mil HDPE 600 Volt
Direct Burial Only

This specification describes the properties of the conductor.

Material Description:

Copper conductor will be Dead Soft Annealed (DSA) and manufactured to meet ASTM B-3: Standard specification for soft or annealed copper wire. And ASTM B-170: standard specification for oxygen free electrolytic copper.

  • Copper: UNS-C10200; OF Copper according to ASTM B-170 (latest revision). High conductivity, oxygen free copper to achieve optimal signal performance.

Surface Condition: Wire surface shall be free of any defects, including flakes, grooves, pits, and voids. Wire surface shall be smooth, bright and shiny, and free of excessive copper dust and residual drawing lubricants.

Physical, Mechanical, and Electrical Properties: The wire shall conform to the properties listed in Table 1.


This specification describes the properties of the material to be used in the insulating of Solid Copper tracer wire.

Material Description: Insulation is comprised of a co-polymer high molecular weight natural high density
polyethylene (HDPE) designed specifically for high-speed copper wire insulating. It contains the required levels
and types of primary antioxidant and metal deactivator additives to satisfy most Wire and Cable industry
requirements. HDPE material will be produced with an excellent balance of surface smoothness, processing
ease, tensile and elongation properties, abrasion toughness, environmental stress crack, thermal stress crack
resistance, and electrical consistency. Insulation must conform to ASTM D1248.

Physical, Mechanical, and Electrical Properties: The wire shall conform to the properties listed in Table 2.

Quality Assurance
• Copperhead products are manufactured under a quality control system that ensures products are free of defects and meet performance requirements.
• Copperhead provides best-in-class customer service. We promise to put forth our best efforts for our customers and to treat everyone we encounter with courtesy and respect.

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