The Copperhead® Story

The Pioneer of Copper-clad Steel Tracer Wire

Copperhead tracer wire was a breakthrough fired by the imaginations of people who’d been in the gas industry for 35 years. Groebner®, working as a strategic sourcing partner for gas distribution companies and their contractors, saw a need for better products to locate underground utilities. Solid copper had been used as tracer wire for decades. They felt the volatility of the copper wire market and decided to do something about it.

A few courageous pioneers took their idea to the most tenured metal-cladding company in the United States. With 100+ years of cladding experience, Copperweld® played an integral role helping Copperhead Industries provide the underground construction market with an intelligent alternative to solid copper. Copper-clad steel is a bimetallic product manufactured by applying heat and pressure to form a metallurgical bond that combines the mechanical strength of steel with the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. The solution was perfect. Strong, but conductive. Corrosion resistant and less likely to break when it’s put through the rigors of underground construction.

With Copperhead’s copper-clad steel tracer wire, the volatility of copper pricing was minimized with a stronger, more reliable tracer wire to locate underground utilities. Copperhead’s innovation brought the underground construction industry a superior performing product at a more economical price.

Copperhead is proud to have set a new standard for tracer wire.