Pipe Burst Connectors  In-Line Splice


Pipe Burst Connectors are used to splice and run service lines off of tracer wire in pipe bursting applications. The In-line Splice connectors work well with Copperhead’s SoloShot™ Xtreme and 3/16 stainless steel cable.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for direct bury
  • Suitable for connecting multiple wire sizes
  • Pre-filled dielectric gel
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Applicable in all markets including water/sewer, gas and telecom


Pipe bursting tracer wire connectors
Splicing and running service lines off of tracer wire suitable for pipe bursting requires a pipe burst connector.

Part #: SC-PB-01
Solid brass lug
Fast curing heat shrink creates weather resistant connection
Set screw thread pitch allows tighter securing of wires
#18 – #8 AWG (including SoloShot™ Xtreme tracer wire)
Max voltage: 30V
Wire type: copper-clad steel; solid and stranded copper

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