Prewired, above-grade direct connection point makes installation easy and locating even easier.

  • Small size and gray color blends in with riser for a clean aesthetic
  • Pre-wired with Ground Rod and Tracer Wire for easy installation
  • Protects wire from damage and corrosion
  • For new or existing services
  • Fits multiple riser casing diameters
  • Polypropylene material is durable and maintenance-free
  • Brass hardware for maximum conductivity

Product Specs

Mini Cobra Access Point

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Right-size and prewired tracer wire access point designed to blend in with the gas meter. Comes preassembled with tracer wire and connected ground rod. Option to easily clip onto riser casing with one of five clip sizes. Provides easy connection point for a utility locate transmitter to emit a low voltage signal on a tracer wire system. Efficiently connect and disconnect jumper to turn ground off/on as needed to isolate the target line.


  • 2-terminal Mini Cobra (gray) with or without Riser Clip (5 sizes)
  • 0.5-lb Magnesium Ground Rod with 6′ wire (black/red)
  • 6′ Copperhead® copper-clad steel (CCS) yellow tracer wire (10, 12, 14 AWG)
  • 20″ conduit
  • Optional Riser Clip





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