The Cobra™ Hydrant Flange is now Universal

At Copperhead, innovation and enhancements are driven by listening to our customers and understanding the challenges they’re facing in the field. One of those challenges came to us from a customer who said that while the Cobra Hydrant Flange is a great way to keep the Cobra Access Point affixed to a fire hydrant, it doesn’t fit the hydrants in their city. The mounting flange only accommodated ¾” and 5/8” bolts, and their city’s hydrants use ½” bolts. That’s when we went to work exploring different options for a fix. Rather than introducing another flange size with different sized hardware, we wondered if a more convenient, efficient solution would be to make the flange universal so that one flange could accommodate multiple bolt sizes. In addition, why not design it so that existing hydrant hardware could be used rather than supplying 3 different bolts. We’re happy to say that the concept of a universal flange worked. The solution satisfied the city, and we’re happy to now make it available to all of our customers.
The Cobra Access Point is a protective way to terminate and provide access to your tracer wire system above grade, and the two- and three-terminal options provide a ground rod connection point in addition to the tracer wire connection – remember, grounding your tracer wire system is critical in pulling the locate signal along the target line. The Cobra Hydrant Flange Package includes the Cobra Access Point and a universal flange to secure the Cobra to a fire hydrant.
For more details, check out the data sheet, or call us to learn more, 877-726-5644.