Ground Rods


Use to ground all tracer wire dead-ends. Grounding tracer wire is essential in completing the electrical circuit needed for accurate locates. The Ground Rod pulls a low-voltage charge supplied by a utility locate transmitter down the tracer wire. The charge travels back to the transmitter through the earth to complete the circuit. Where system access is needed, the red Ground Rod wire connects to a Copperhead SnakePit® or Cobra™ Access Point. Where access is not needed, the ground rod wire can connect directly to tracer wire with the provided Twist-on Connector.

Features and Benefits

  • 1.5 lb drive-in magnesium ground rod grounds tracer wire
  • HDPE cap provides sturdy drive-in surface area
  • 20’ copper-clad steel (CCS) wire with 30 mil HDPE insulation allows flexibility with ground rod placement
  • CCS wire rated for direct bury use at 30 volts with 21% conductivity
  • Includes waterproof Twist-on Connector to splice ground rod wire to tracer wire (where system access is not needed)


Part #: ANO-12 (12-AWG wire), ANO-14 (14-AWG wire)
Tin plated copper alloy
Gel helps prevent corrosion
¼-20 slotted stainless steel set screws
Waterproof and corrosion proof
#14 – #6 AWG (including SoloShot™ Xtreme tracer wire)
Max voltage: 600V
Wire type: copper-clad steel; solid and stranded copper


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