Protecting Underground Utility Lines

The first crucial step in preventing underground utility damage – long before the 811 call – is making sure utilities are locatable in the first place. Utility engineers and contractors should have complete confidence in the tracer wire products specified and installed along with pipes and cables to ensure future locatability.

Copperhead understands damage prevention and the concerns around accurate utility detection after pipes and cables are buried. We know that without a reliable tracer wire system, underground utility assets are jeopardized.

The Complete Utility Locating System® is the result of working with utility engineers, contractors, and locators across telecommunications, water/sewer, and gas markets to understand needs and to design solutions that best protect buried pipes and cables.


The telecom industry is transforming like never before. The race for 5G and rural broadband expansion, in addition to federal funding for network improvements, means telecom providers are under pressure to provide high-speed, reliable service across America — all while protecting their ROI. That’s where we can help. Installing a dependable tracer wire system with fiber optics is critical in avoiding costly damage in the future and protecting your investment.

Learn how Copperhead can help telecom engineers specify and install the right tracer wire system to protect buried cable and fiber optics.



Accurate detection of buried natural gas and propane lines can mean the difference between life and death. Despite the severe consequences, the estimated number of damages in the U.S. continues to trend upwards with 28% caused by improper locating practices according to the 2019 CGA DIRT Report. This damage can be prevented with proper selection and installation of line tracing products paired with timely One Call notifications.

Learn how Copperhead Industries can help gas utility lines specify and install the right tracer wire system to make utilities locatable and to prevent loss of life and property.



As America replaces its aging infrastructure with plastic pipe, locating that pipe after it’s buried must be addressed. Plastic pipes are well accepted in the industry, but they’re non-conductive, unlike iron or steel. That means utilities must install tracer wire along with plastic pipe to ensure that it’s locatable after it is buried.

Learn how Copperhead can help water/sewer utility engineers specify the right tracer wire and compatible components for different types of underground construction projects.


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