SnakeSkin™ Access Point


Above-grade tracer wire termination and direct access point for utility locate transmitters. Attaches easily to gas meters, hydrants, and other utilities. Fits 10-18 AWG wire.

Features and Benefits

  • Aluminum cap provides direct connection point for utility locate transmitter
  • Durable polyethylene tubing protects against weed whips and UV rays
  • Dielectric gel protects wire from rust and corrosion
  • Flexible, form fitting tubing enables multiple mounting options
  • Easy installation
  •  Color-coded to meet American Public Works (APWA) standards


Part #:
– Qty. 1
SNSK-*-Bulk25 – Qty. 25
SNSK-*-Bulk100 – Qty. 100
(* denotes color)

• 18” polyethylene tube
• Aluminum cap
• Dielectric gel
• Allen wrench 1/16

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