Does Copperhead Tracer Wire Meet BABAA Requirements?

Short answer, YES! Copperhead’s copper-clad steel tracer wire, solid copper tracer wire, and most other standard products meet the requirements of BABAA. But are you curious about what BABAA is and why it’s important that utilities purchase tracer wire and other products that comply with the requirements of BABAA? Let’s take a closer look.

So what’s BABAA?

BABAA is the acronym for The Build America, Buy America Act that was enacted as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on November 15, 2021. In short, BABAA requires that all iron, steel, manufactured products, and construction materials used by non-federal entities in federally funded infrastructure projects are produced in the United States.

The intent of BABAA, and other Buy America domestic procurement preference laws, is to help ensure that U.S. taxpayer dollars are reinvested in the American worker and in companies and processes using the highest labor and environmental standards in the world. It goes further to ensure that U.S. infrastructure is built with high-quality American-made materials.

What does the term “produced in the United States” mean?

According to the Act (Sec. 70912), in the case of iron or steel products, all manufacturing processes, from the initial melting stage through the application of coatings, occurred in the United States. In the case of manufactured products, that the product was manufactured in the U.S. and the cost of the components of the manufactured products that are mined, produced, or manufactured in the U.S. is greater than 55% of the total cost of all components of the manufactured products. Also, all construction materials used in covered projects must be manufactured in the United States.

Why is it important that Copperhead’s products are made in the USA?

That’s easy. Copperhead president, Jeff Atwood, explains, “We are a U.S. manufacturer, and we support the ideal of keeping manufacturing in the United States. We have to consider what our products do. They protect underground U.S. utility infrastructure. So our products need to work. Plain and simple. The quality of our products is very, very important. The best way to achieve superior quality is through U.S. manufacturing.” Since founded in 2004, Copperhead remains committed to U.S. manufacturing and sourcing to the greatest extent possible.

Where are Copperhead wire and non-wire products made?

Copperhead tracer wire is manufactured in Fayetteville, Tennessee by the most tenured metal-cladding company in the United States, Copperweld®. Here, copper cladding is metallurgically bonded to a steel core to achieve the perfect blend of strength and conductivity. From there, the conductor is sent to Minnesota or New York to get jacketed with a protective, durable HDPE coating before heading out to our customers.

Copperhead non-wire standard products are also manufactured in multiple locations in the United States. We believe that it’s important to create strong relationships with domestic manufactures with the same quality standards as Copperhead.

Does Copperhead ever source products/material internationally?

While the vast majority of our products are manufactured and/or sourced right here in the United States, we may source or purchase a product overseas when supply is simply unavailable or significantly limited in the United States. Although rare, this might be necessary to meet customer demand. The magnesium in our ground rods is an example. According to the United States International Trade Commission, the United States’ production of magnesium represents less than 10 percent of the global supply of primary magnesium. Sourcing magnesium for ground rods internationally is needed in this case to meet U.S. demand. The manufacturing of Copperhead Ground Rods, however, is done in the United States. BABAA recognizes the need for imports when U.S. supply is limited, and allows exceptions by waiver.

Meeting BABAA requirements supports American manufacturing and the American worker. To be sure your products are manufactured in the U.S., be sure to ask the manufacturer for documentation. For more details about the Act, visit htps://

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