SnakePit® Two-Terminal Switchable Lid


Lid available separately for retrofit applications – to replace existing SnakePit® Access Point lids. Use to terminate tracer wire systems and provide direct connection to tracer wire and ground rod. The Two-terminal Switchable Lid allows locators to switch ground off and on from top of lid to isolate targeted sections of tracer wire systems. No need to remove lid. Base not included. Base with lid assemblies also available.

Features and Benefits

  • Once-and-done installation
  • External access to ground rod means you don’t have to remove lid to switch ground off and on
  • Directly connect to tracer wire with utility locate transmitter
  • High-strength, impact-resistant resin lid
  • Anti-corrosion gel protects wire
  • Locking cover protects against tampering
  • Notched bolt end prevents loss of locking mechanism
  • Lid color-coded to meet American Public Works (APWA) standards for utility identification


Part #: SP-SWLID-*2 – SnakePit Two- terminal Switchable Lid (base not included)

These specifications apply to the Two-terminal Switchable Lid for SnakePit Access Points.

Materials and Design
Lid Material
• Non-corrosive, injection molded resin
• Flexural modulus 986000 psi, Conditioned (ISO 178)
• Flexural strength 28300 psi, Conditioned (ISO 178)
• Impact rating 43 (-22˚F) / 44 (73˚F) ft lb/in2, Charpy unnotched (ISO 179/1eU)
• Melting temperature 451˚ F (ISO 11357-3)
• Hardware
• pentagon head bolt – anodized aluminum
• terminals and jumper – brass
• Locking mechanism secures lid to access point collar in a closed position
• Locking mechanism can only be removed with the proper pentagon wrench
• Notched bolt end prevents loss of locking mechanism
Wire Connections
• Ground switch/terminal used to connect ground wire and to engage/disengage the ground connection
• Ground switch designed to resist unintentional switching – use plyers to switch on/off
• Ground switch, when in ‘OFF’ position, may be used to ground locate transmitter
• Direct connect post designed for utility locate transmitter positive lead
• Set screws used to secure tracer wire and ground wire to terminals
• Anti-corrosion gel supplied with lid must be applied to wire connections and ground switch jumper to protect connection points

Quality Assurance
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